Ever wonder how long you should keep your makeup, well never fear because I’m going to tell you straight to the point how long you should keep your makeup. So let’s get started. LIQUID MAKEUP: Keep it: 6 to 8 months Toss It: This is a good sign that lets you know your liquid foundation is bad, and that is when you notice a separation in the ingredients and they begin to settle at the bottom, now the texture or consistency changes and becomes thinner or thicker then usual, and the color and smell changes, so if you noticed this then I suggest that you get rid of it. POWER MAKEUP: Keep it: 6 to 12 months Toss It: Powders based foundation products don’t contain water they will more than likely last longer than liquids and creams but, be sure to use clean brushes and makeup applicators when applying your makeup to avoid transferring bacteria to your products, we ladies want a clean and clear complexion. CREAMS: Keep It: 4 to 6 months Toss It: Just as with liquid foundation, the packaging and storage of your cream foundation will have a lot to do with its shelf life, Most creams foundation compacts have air vents in the bottom so the product can breath and to aid in preventing microbial growth on the sponge applicators, Keeping your compact closed tightly will help to keep its fresh longer because overexposure to air can dry out any cream products. MINERAL: Keep It: 6 to 12 months Toss It: Most brands of mineral makeup claims to have an indefinite shelf life. Where else the constant use of brushes and opening the container exposes your mineral makeup to moisture which can lead to being the host to a bacterial habitant or mold, so if you notice this then toss it out. LIPBALM: Keep It: 6 to 8 months Toss It: Beware! Keep all your lip balms away from extreme heat, because balms tends to melt very easily, balms is added with extracts like Vitamin E and other plants extracts will have a shorter keep because they are adding plant derivatives, so be sure to read the ingredients before you purchase balms. LIPGLOSS: Keep It: 8 to 12 months Toss It: The ingredients in lip glosses can start to separate and the product’s consistency can change, becoming clumpy, goopy or very sticky, sometimes you will notice that the smell is not so becoming, When you notice this, then its time to toss it. LIPSTICK: Keep It: 1 To 2 years Toss It: Ladies always remember the rule of thumb, if it smells bad this means it has spoiled and you must toss it out even if it is your favorite color. LIPLINER: Keep It: 2 to 3 years Toss It: Keep your liners for years by cleaning them with alcohol, sharpening before each use and covering with a cap when you’re done, also never share your liners helps with cross contamination. MASCARA: Keep It: 3 to 6 months Toss It: If the consistently pumping air into the tube, allowing germs to hibernate and drying out the products, when you also noticed a bad smell, then you must toss it out. CREAM BLUSH: Keep It: 3 to 6 months Toss It: Cream based products contain fatty ingredients that collect bacteria very easily. When applying, wipe off the top of your blush with a tissue before each use and try to use clean makeup applicators. POWDER BLUSH/ BRONZER: Keep It: 12 to 18 months Toss It: Powder blushes and bronzers fall into an extended category since most women change these colors seasonally and they are not use year around. LASH GLUE: Keep It: 3 to 4 months Toss It: Toss your lash glue if you notice an odor or if the glue appears watery or gummy, get rid of it. POWDER SHADOW: Keep It: 12 to 18 months Toss It: Since powder eye shadows don’t contain water, with proper care and clean brushes these will last up to three years, However products used on the eyes are exposed to bacteria and have high risks for infections, so be sure to shave off the top layer after several uses to avoid bacteria growth or you can spray 99% alcohol on your eye shadow, letting it to dry before application. CREAM SHADOW: Keep It: 12 months Toss It: Products that have moisture are more susceptible to microbial growth so try to keep it air tight to prevent bad growth. Again, if it smells bad then toss it away. GEL/CREAM LINER Keep It: 3 to 4 months Toss It: These liners dry out very easily, so keep them tightly covered and try to clean your liner brushes after each use to avoid contamination. PENCIL LINER Keep It: 6 to 12 months Toss It: The key to keeping your pencil liners is prime condition is that you need to sharpen them before each use and cover them when you’re done, remember do not share this product with no one. LIQUID LINER: Keep It: 3 to 6 months Toss It: Liquid liners dry out easily and also pick up bacteria with every use, becoming a breeding ground for microorganisms, toss it to avoid bacteria contamination to your eyes. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO KEEP A LOG WHEN YOU PURCHASE YOUR PRODUCTS, THIS WILL HELP YOU KEEPING A GOOD CLEAR CANVAS WHEN APPLYING YOUR FAVORITE MAKEUP!

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