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Crochet Dread Loc Tube Headband Pattern

What you will need 1. Your favorite yarn 2. 1 Crochet Needle Size(I) These instructions are very easy to follow, even for beginners. *Note: If your head is smaller or larger then the average size, please measure your head around with an measuring tape, then chain stitch up to that length. **If you like to change colors: Once you're at the end, finish off by chaining one, then cut your yarn with scissors, pull yarn over the draw your yarn all the way through your final hook. When you pull gently on the tail end of the yarn it should create a subtle knot. ARE YOU READY! SO LET'S BEGAN.... PATTERN: Row one: Start with a chain of 59 stitches. (This will make up the size of the dreadlocks tube headband). Once you Chain the 59 stitches, turn then chain 1. Now double chain 1, then turn. Row: 15 Skip every other stitch, using double chain. Once, at the end chain 1. Finish off your work by putting a knot at the end, cut off any loose yarn. Now it's time to sew up the Dread Loc Tube Headband. To do this you will use your yarn needle; thread the needle with the color you was using for your Loc Headband. Start at the very tip using your needle to pull the loop through both sides of your Loc Headband with every stitch. Now you will single stitch down to close. Finish off your work by putting a knot at the end, cut off any loose yarn. Super Cool Dread Loc Tube Headband Enjoy!!!

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