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Sum Tips You Need To Know When Looking For Loc Jewelry

Tip #1   Locs jewelry are a great way to dressing up your beautiful locs, so when shopping for loc jewelry or wheather you’re making it your self, you might want to keep a few things in mind to prevent you from damaging your locs.

Tip #2 Sum   loc jewelry requires you to sew them in, while others require you to entwine into your locs.  Cautious, if your locs are not mature, then I suggest that you wait for them to mature because they can get buried in and a lot of pulling can cause locs to stress out and cause the process nor to mature properly.  Instead, if your locs are not mature, you can use the cuff loc jewelry as long you do not force it in the loc.  It should go on nice and easy.

Tip #3  It’s ok to shampoo your locs while the loc jewelry is in, so cleaning the jewelry while it’s still on your locs is a great thing, especially if the loc jewelry is sewn in your locs. 

Tip #4 Loc jewelry made of copper, sterling silver  is great for your locs, because they will not fade, so if you happen you love sum loc jewelry made of copper or sterling seliver then by all means go right ahead and purchase.

Tips #5 I say this over and over again. Size matters a whole lot, so when you purchase loc jewelry, you want to make sure you are buying the correct size for your locs.  There is a big difference between the size of tiny Sisterlocks and large traditional dreadlocks.  There is a difference between two women with Sisterlocks and two women with traditional dreadlocks.

When purchasing a cuff loc, check with the creator to see if the loc cuff comes in different sizes.  If there is a one size fits all rules.  Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t fit your locs.  Some loc jewelry comes with sizing options, while others are able to bended or stretched to fit your locs.  Just be sure to do your homework before you make a purchase and ask as many questions possible.  Don’t forget the Cowry Shells, they also make a great statement, some loc wearers put in each shell base on the number of years they had there locs, so go right on ahead and make that statement.

Tip #6  I want you to enjoy your locs jewelry just as much as you wearing those locs, so check out my website to see if you see something that will catch your style, so don’t be afraid to rock those locs with jewelry.  My website is

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