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Bold, Beautiful, and quite exciting - Locs. Locs are more than a hairstyle sporting hair that is permanently mashed together. Locs are as unique as the individual who wears them! Locs are beautiful, the one style that if you choose not to brush, twist, curl or crimp you are still stylishly hot. When we look at locs we must remember that they are not only a style but from some, part of a lifestyle.

The locing process can take anywhere from eight months to one year to complete, so whatever your reasons are for locing, they are still one of God’s natural blessings, with many options. You can groom, curl and even crimp locs, so on this special loc appreciation day, I would like to welcome all who took the time to decide to loc there hair. This is a time to look back at the beginning from when you first started to now and recap those special times by embracing your Natural Locs.

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