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Sum Tips You Need To Know When Looking For Loc Jewelry

Tip #1Locs jewelry are a great way to dressing up your beautiful locs, so when shopping for loc jewelry or wheather you’re making it your self, you might want to keep a few things in mind to prevent you from damaging your locs.
Tip #2 Sumloc jewelry requires you to sew them in, while others require you to entwine into your locs.Cautious, if your locs are not mature, then I suggest that you wait for them to mature because they can get buried in and a lot of pulling can cause locs to stress out and cause the process nor to mature properly. Instead, if your locs are not mature, you can use the cuff loc jewelry as long you do not force it in the loc.It should go on nice and easy.
Tip #3It’s ok to shampoo your locs while the loc jewelry is in, so cleaning the jewelry while it’s still on your locs is a great thing, especially if the loc jewelry is sewn in your locs.
Tip #4 Locjewelry made of copper, sterling silveris great for your locs, because they will not fade, so if you happen you love su…

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HOW LONG DOES IT TAKES TO LOC HAIR? This process can take anywhere from eight months to one year to complete.The straighter the texture the longer the process will take to loc.The kinkier the texture the quicker the hair will loc.It is also helpful if you start with at least 2 inches of hair (you can start shorter if your hair is very kinky) because this will allow the twists to hold through sleeping and shampooing.
CAN HAIR THAT’S BEEN PREVIOUSLY RELAXED BE LOCED? Today there are many different ways to loc hair.By all means, you can loc your hair even if its relaxed by using the re-tightening method with Msladylock Re-Tightening Tool at (, or with an latch hook.Your relaxed hair must me at least 4 inches or longer to start this process, but the end results are great once its loced.
This is not a yes or no question.The process is as easy as your hair is kinky.The straighter your hair the more maintenance i…



Locs today are well groomed, coiffed and runway ready. If you have locs or are thinking about locing your hair, here are some tips that can help you to keep your locs looking there best.

1. If you are thinking about locing your hair but not quite sure how to go about it, then set up an appointment with a professional loctician.
2. If your hair is completely loced, the keys to a beautiful look are keeping them well clean, healthy and moisturized. Locs are often very dry, especially mature locs and during the summer months, so moisturized, moisturized, moisturized.
3. When shampooing your locs massage the scalp and cleanse the ends very well. To cleanse the ends, get a good grip on the ends with both hands. Carefully cleanse as thought you are washing clothes on a wash board. This process will ensure clean hair that is free of pollutants, dust and residues.
4. To keep locs healthy, deep condition them on a regular basis using a protein conditioner.
5. To give the locs a healthy glo…


Bold, Beautiful, and quite exciting - Locs. Locs are more than a hairstyle sporting hair that is permanently mashed together. Locs are as unique as the individual who wears them! Locs are beautiful, the one style that if you choose not to brush, twist, curl or crimp you are still stylishly hot. When we look at locs we must remember that they are not only a style but from some, part of a lifestyle.

The locing process can take anywhere from eight months to one year to complete, so whatever your reasons are for locing, they are still one of God’s natural blessings, with many options. You can groom, curl and even crimp locs, so on this special loc appreciation day, I would like to welcome all who took the time to decide to loc there hair. This is a time to look back at the beginning from when you first started to now and recap those special times by embracing your Natural Locs.